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Carrier Colocation To Minimize Latency
Colocation designed to minimize latency in connecting to service providers, as they share the carrier hotel space with you

By: John Shepler

If latency is important to your applications, you want to be as close as possible to your service providers. Why? Because no matter how fast your equipment runs, the lower limit to latency is the propagation of the the signal itself. In a vacuum, that’s a millisecond per 186 miles. Through copper or fiber, it just gets longer. Add-in a collection of routers and switchers and it gets a lot, lot longer. Think about being right next to your service provider with nothing but a short link in-between. How can you do that? Think Telx.

What is Telx?
Telx is a colocation and interconnection company. They specialize in putting customers and service providers in close proximity. It starts with having colocation centers in 9 states with 15 sites. These are strategically located in key locations near media hubs, cable landings, fiber paths and exchanges. There are 4 locations in the New York Metro Area, two in Chicago, two in Dallas, three in California, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Clara, and others in Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix and Charlotte.

Telx prides itself on having a network-neutral environment that supports over 750 telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content, cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. They already have over 28,000 direct connections. What this does is put your business in close proximity to the services you seek. Latency is certainly minimized by all being in the same facility or at least on the same backbone network, but cost is also minimized. With so many services just a patch cord away, you can get excellent prices on bandwidth and other IT services.

What Does Colocation Offer?
If your needs are critical and your demands high, you may well benefit from getting colo rack space in a Telx facility. They are all set up to support your rack, cabinet or cage with highly reliable power and cooling. Most facilities can provide you with 120v 208v, 480v AC and -48v DC power.

In addition to space, power, HVAC and security, Telx has technicians available to support installations, turn up and provisioning of network equipment and circuits, right down to server reboots. They also have something called a “Virtual Xchange” that offers circuit multiplexing and demultiplexing, protocol conversions, law conversions and other grooming solutions. Their carrier hotel Meet Me Room encompasses the entire colocation center, with a passive and secure area called a Meet Me Area for customer interconnections via cross connects.

Network services are available that go way beyond mere bandwidth connections. There is video exchange, Internet exchange, managed security services and cloud computing as network enabled services.

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