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DS3 Bandwidth Without DS3 Costs
See how competitive Ethernet services can give you the business bandwidth you need without the high cost of traditional DS3 bandwidth.

By: John Shepler

Companies needing large amount of bandwidth for ecommerce, video transport, medical records transfer, or dedicated Internet access have traditionally turned to DS3 connections to get speeds much higher than T1 lines can provide. But now there’s an alternative that can give you DS3 bandwidth without paying the high cost of DS3 services.

Ethernet is The New DS3
What’s new in the world of telecommunications services is Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet. These terms refer to regional and long haul high bandwidth transport services based on the Ethernet protocol. What you get when you order an Ethernet WAN connection is a telecom service that connects your LAN to another business location, to a meshed network of multiple locations, or a dedicated high speed connection to the Internet.

Ethernet Speeds
Ethernet services come in a variety of speeds that include the standard 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, and 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet. In some locations you can also get 10 GigE or 10,000 Mbps. In addition, Ethernet services are often scalable so that you can order 5 Mbps and then upgrade to 10, 15, 25 or 50 Mbps with just a phone call to your carrier.

Ethernet vs DS3 Cost
Ethernet pricing is often much lower per Mbps than DS3, OC3 or even T1 lines. For speeds above about 50 Mbps you’ll need a fiber optic connection. But once installed, that fiber service can deliver almost unlimited bandwidth to support your business as it grows. Within major metropolitan areas, you may also be able to get EoC or Ethernet over Copper service. It uses the same twisted pair copper telco bundles that you already have connected in the back room. With a carrier provided EoC router, you’ll be able to get line speeds of up to 45 Mbps near carrier offices. Lower speeds are available up to several miles away.

High Speed Bandwidth, Fast Pricing!
Ether Rabbit gives you amazingly great pricing for copper and fiber optic business Ethernet line services from 10 Mbps Ethernet, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, 1000 Mbps GigE Gigabit Ethernet up to 10 GigE and even 100 GigE in select areas. Easy interface and fast scalability, including Managed SDN Software Defined Networking and SD-WAN, as desired. Find out in seconds what network services and pricing are available now for your commercial business building anywhere in the U.S. Simply use this handy form...


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